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CNC Services

We have more than 10 years professional CNC machining experience, inspection capabilities and quality control capabilities, and we have completed various precision milling parts for many customers. We have 3-aixs, 4-aixs, 5-aixs CNC machining centers,  and program with CAD-CAM software according to customer drawings, and process following NC program instructions. We provide sample machining services. We cooperate with heat treatment companies to provide heat treatment according requirements.

3 Axis Milling
X Axis Max Travel: 1400mm
Y Axis Max Travel: 800mm
Z Axis Max Travel: 700mm
Worktable Size: 1600mm X 800mm
4 Axis Milling
X Axis Max Travel: 1010mm
Y Axis Max Travel: 660mm
Z Axis Max Travel: 630mm
Rotary Table Diameter: Φ320mm
Worktable Size: 1210mm X 450mm
5 Axis Milling
X Axis Max Travel: 650mm
Y Axis Max Travel: 760mm
Z Axis Max Travel: 520mm
A Axis Travel: 150°
C Axis Travel: 360°
Worktable Size: Φ630mm