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The origin of DEC-TITAN Company can be traced back to 2007. We were founded in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, the core area of titanium industry known as China Ti Valley, where 80% of China's titanium material and industrial products and 22% of the world titanium material and industrial products are produced. Baoji has a complete industry chain of titanium products such as sponge titanium, smelting, casting, forging, profiles, heat treatment, cold processing, and surface treatment.

We have been engaged in the production and trade of various standard grades of titanium materials such as ASTM, AMS, MIL, DIN, BS standard material, titanium CNC products, and titanium fasteners, and provide high-quality products for customers in marine engineering, medical, petroleum, chemical, and desalination field.

Depending on lower cost and higher efficiency advantages brought by the localized complete industrial chain of titanium, we can always provide customers with various high cost-effective titanium materials, titanium semi-finished products and titanium finished products. Now we have established an import and export department (Dec Titanium Import & Export Co., Ltd.), focusing on providing better and more efficient products and services to global customers.